Diana's Koffie liefde

Diana's Coffee Love

Nothing can dim the light that shines within.

-Maya Angelou

The core message is the search for your authentic self.

Start living from your heart. There was once a time in my life when death came close. I was face to face with death. What happened to me then was an internal shift. It has made me give my life a different meaning.

The new interpretation started by starting my day with mindful coffee drinking.

The first cup of coffee of the day. The coffee gave me warmth and connection with myself. I felt the strength and energy that the coffee gave me. This is how my love for coffee started. In my search I felt that there were many themes within me that needed attention, to heal and to investigate. The moment for a major internal cleaning. A process that took time, I gave myself that time.

It is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself is time and space. I needed the time to finally break free from things that no longer serve me. I can now fully feel the freedom within myself. Because of that feeling of freedom, I started living more from my heart. Within the space I have as a mother and entrepreneur, I can feel complete freedom in a playful way.

The most beautiful gift you can give to yourself is time and space. Time to enjoy your coffee and feel strength, love and energy to start living from your heart.

Love, Diana

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