Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our locally roasted coffee beans or something else? Here you will find most answers!


Where is Diana's coffee roasted?

The coffee beans are roasted in collaboration with a local roastery in Utrecht. Thanks to this social entrepreneur, you contribute to society with every cup of coffe!

Do you also sell ground coffee?

No, just the beans. It is much tastier if you prepare them at home. In addition, the beans also have a better shelf life, so you can enjoy our coffee beans for longer

Is the coffee also for sale in a shop?

Not yet, but we are growing towards that! Do you want to stay informed? Then sign up for our newsletter.

Can I also taste it first?

That's certainly possible! You can order a sample package here to try our beans first.

Diana's Koffie Wereld also provides coffee tastings. You will discover all our flavors and learn everything about how drinking coffee leads to connection.

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Events & workshops

Can you be hired for events?

That's certainly possible! I am happy to come with my own mobile coffee bar to make the tastiest coffee for your guests.

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Do you also give workshops?

Yes, I give exciting coffee workshops on request. You will learn everything about making coffee and reconnecting with yourself. Also great fun to do with a larger group!

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