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Coffee machine KBG Select

Coffee machine KBG Select

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Moccamaster has been the market leader in making the best cup of coffee since 1968. Coffee has never tasted better with the Moccamaster filter coffee maker. It is not without reason that Moccamaster has been internationally recognized as the best coffee maker by experts for years as a top brand. This makes the KBG Select ideal for both a full pot of coffee and a few cups!


    Why choose the Moccamaster?

    Super fast: Enjoy a full pot of coffee in just 6 minutes.

    Nice and hot: Always the perfect brewing temperature between 92-96 degrees Celsius.

    Smart design: Easily choose between a full or half-full pot of coffee with our handy Select selector switch.

    Smart technology: Our warming plate ensures that your coffee always remains at an ideal temperature of 80-85 degrees.

    Safety first: Automatic shut-off after 40 minutes for peace of mind and fire safety.


    Certified by the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

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