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Diana's Koffie Wereld

Coffee beans | Guatemala

Coffee beans | Guatemala

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Step into the world of Guatemala coffee - a true taste sensation from the heart of Central America! This coffee comes from various growing areas that give every sip a unique character. Guatemala is known for its refined and tasty coffee, and we are proud of our collaboration with local partners to bring these pearls to your cup.

Our coffee is produced with love and dedication by female producers and cooperatives who strive for equality.

Delicious with...

Brewed as espresso, this blend reveals a powerful, robust flavor with a rich body that stimulates your senses.

As a cappuccino, the coffee combines excellently with the sweetness of the frothed milk.

These versatile coffee beans are suitable for all coffee varieties, whether you choose an Americano, cappuccino, flat white, espresso or slow coffee.

Discover the perfect roast for youtaste preference: the dark roast is ideal for lovers of intense espressos, while the medium roast offers a softer taste that goes perfectly with other coffee varieties.

Choose your favorite and treat your taste buds!

Flavor profile

Our coffee offers a rich sensory palette, with notes of cocoa, nuts, fruity and sweetness.

Burning process

Each batch is carefully roasted in our Giessen 6 kg burner, under the supervision of Diana herself, in collaboration with a professional roaster which is a social enterprise. At Diana's Koffie Wereld we aim for quality with a social heart.


We are certified as Fair Trade Organic (FTO) and are committed to sustainability.

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